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Lightweight - Fireproof - Energy Saving - Sound Proof - Fast Construction - Recyclable - Accurate - Pest Resistant - Durable - Breathable

AAC Products Panel and Block

AAC/ALC is short for Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Panel, mainly made of silica sand or fly ash, cement, lime with double layer and steel mesh in it. It is a Cellular concrete molding panel, and it can not only be used as wall panel, but also roof panel, floor panel or exterior wall modeling. AAC/ALC is a mature construction material with obvious advantages and can be installed easily and flexibly.
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block is one of the major achievements of the 20th century in the field of construction. It is a revolutionary construction material offering a unique combination of high durability and strength and also contains superior ecological green features.

AAC Reinforced Panels

Those Panels are two way welded steel mesh reinforced. They are tongue and groove and easy to install you will save time labor and material.

AAC Reinforced Panels

AAC Panels can be used easily for internal wall panel, external wall panel, floor panel, roof panel.

AAC Blocks

AAC Blocks Common Size

AAC Plain Blocks

AAC Panels can be used easily for internal wall, external panel, load bearing wall, parking wall, fence, need plastering for external.

AAC Panel or Blocks Connectors and Fixation

AAC Panels or Blocks are connected to the structure steel or concrete on top on side or on bottom with special connectors or fixation usually made from iron, steel or galvanize. The type are U-iron connectors, cannular connectors, L-iron, right-angle steel pieces, stud, hook-bolt.

AAC Panel or Blocks Adhesive Special Mortar

AAC Panels or Blocks are connected together or interconnected with special adhesive / mortar. Please follow instructions and proceed its very easy.